Tyler Rasmussen, Owner, TR Creative


I'm Tyler Rasmussen, the guy who provides both the TR and the Creative for this company. I also provide excellent camera operator and video editor skills, professional still photography, or custom web design for you. That's right, I'm a freelancer specializing in film production, web design, and still photography. But don't just read about it. Samples of my work can be seen in my video demo reel, photo gallery, web design portfolio, or resume.

A Formal Bio

My interest in production began at age twelve, when I started accompanying my dad, a career cinematographer, on film jobs whenever possible. To date, my positions have included cameraman, sound man, editor, and digital information tech, and grip on programs for National Geographic, the Sportsman Channel, independent production companies, and private businesses.

During high school, I worked as a still and video photographer at a local motor speedway, where I produced TV commercials, provided live video streaming, and developed promotional videos. During two summers, I managed technical logistics and digital backup on a multi-camera shoot for a series of six yoga videos. Once the shoot was over, I organized and edited terabytes of raw footage into a finished product. 2012 saw me on the road, following police on drug busts and interviewing drug addicts as second unit cameraman/assistant on an episode of National Geographic’s "Drugs Inc." series. My most recent project, a documentary about archaeology in Turkey, provided me an opportunity to spent two months living and working abroad.

In addition to video production and photography, I enjoy blogging and playing in the mountains of northwest Montana. Having grown up in the shadow of Glacier National Park, I’ve long enjoyed hiking, ultralight backpacking, mountaineering, alpine and AT skiing, rock climbing, and ice climbing. When not occupied in the outdoors, you'll find me in the garage, tinkering with a 1966 VW Fastback Sedan, which is in its fourth year as a frame-off restoration project.